Client Spotlight: Redefining the Blog

Hi there! My name is Supal Desai and I run the London fashion and lifestyle blog, chevrons & éclairs. I came to Made by Kingfisher last year with the need to re-vamp my blog and give it that little something to help me stand out against the crowd. Whilst working on the design, I realised that blogging and blog designs have dramatically changed over the course of the 4 years I have been creating content. So, I thought I would share those key elements for creating an engaging blog design.

Give it purpose

I went to Made by Kingfisher with my brand idea and told them that I loved sharing visual and written stories about my experiences in London and around the world. With that said, MBK wanted to create a digital space that embraced just that. They added widescreen effect so the photos and visuals can be thoroughly enjoyed, integrated white space and text blocks to encourage followers to read and added a code to help the site speed so everything can be enjoyed!


Since I’ve been blogging for quite some time, I wanted to make sure that none of my content was going “dead”—meaning people can look back and enjoy the content later. We added a search bar for visitors looking for a specific post. Then we added sub-categories to the main categories, so people can casually scroll and potentially enjoy more than just the post they came to see.


One thing I wasn’t good at was SEO and when I first started blogging I didn’t realise how important it was for views. MBK added Chirp to my CMS, so I can plan and write posts that people are searching and looking for.

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Finally, since the blog industry is so oversaturated, I wanted to create something that helped me stand out from the crowd. Made by Kingfisher created a show-stopping homepage with a video element that I’ve never seen on a blog before. With that, they really got to know me and my content and interests and created a site that is on brand to a tee.

So if you’re looking to redesign your blog, be sure to take these things into consideration to create something that stands out from the masses and will set you up for a successful blogging career!