How To Turn Leads into Loyal Customers

It’s quite easy to get people to visit your website or social media channel if you have a quality digital marketing strategy set-up, but what can get tricky is to turn that lead into a loyal customer. A loyal customer is someone who revisits your website, reads the content, engages with what you have up and the layout of the website and ultimately makes a sale and comes back or refers your company. These leads need to trust you and understand that your company is there to help them. At Made by Kingfisher, we can help with ensuring your visitors want to stay and want to see you succeed. We have three tips to do just that.

Email Marketing

It’s easy for a customer to forget you, so the best way to prevent that from happening is to make them remember you. Aside from having quality and engaged social media channels, you can take matters into your own hands and get into email marketing. In 2017, there were 3.7 billion recorded email users worldwide and it’s forecasted to increase. This is the easiest way to access all your customers in one place.

Focus on personalized and tailored emails that will make the customers want to come back. Inform them of new offers or when their regular product is back in stock. If you haven’t seen them in a while, give them a little nudge.

It’s important to remember that email marketing is about getting that sale, but it’s more about keeping the dialogue going between you and your customer so they remain committed to your brand.

Surveys and Giving Back

When you’re a company providing a service or product, you want to make sure that it’s working. The best way to get advice on if your product or service is working is to ask your consumers. Asking via a survey is the best way to get an idea as to what your consumers want to not only tailor future marketing campaigns, but also to keep current customers happy when redefining your product.

With every survey, provide your customers with an incentive with either a discount code or the chance to win something.

Customers also love the idea of being involved, especially if you’re a young brand. The hands on approach to anything will keep them committed, engaged and transactional.

Customer Service

Customers have high expectations no matter the level of investment they’re putting into purchasing your product or service. If you consistently deliver a high level of customer service, you will get a high level of satisfaction even if there is an issue at return.

Poor customer experience and exceptional customer experience will never disappear, but if you’re not trying your hand in ensuring your customer is satisfied, then they will lose you in a crowd (your competitors).

Using real-time techniques like social media engagement, customers feel good when you’re thinking about them and want to continue the conversation more personally.