The Story So Far

About the Founder

Ryan is a 22 year-old digital designer and founder of Made By Kingfisher, which has been built through 6 years of experience and determination in the web industry. Ryan has established himself in the industry, by working with business start-ups, established brands and multi-national companies. In the last year, he has become the founder of the digital design agency Made By Kingfisher who provide branding, digital marketing, website design and development for clients on a national scale.

Why Kingfisher?

The answer is simple. The Kingfisher is unmistakably noticeable. We strive to deliver digital products that push boundaries and go further than the normal.

Kingfishers have an unrivalled focus in reaching their intention. We guarantee tangible results that make a real impact.

The bird presents surrealism, with its bold, bright and unique look. We craft every element and push every pixel to ensure cutting edge, timeless design. The link with a Kingfisher was the obvious route, the connotations of the Kingfisher illustrate what we have at the heart of the brand.

Why Work with Us?

With over 6 years of experience in the industry, we’re more than equipped to be involved in your next project. In those 6 years, Ryan has worked with over 200 brands. At Made By Kingfisher, our objective is to maintain business relationships with our clients to provide on-going support and advice. We pride ourselves in the long term connections we have established and the individual service we can deliver to each of these clients.