The User: Why I Chose Perch

Hi, I’m Supal,

a travel lifestyle blogger based in London. My blog, chevrons & éclairs, is my digital storefront where I have hundreds of visitors a month visiting from all over the world engaging with my visual and written content. On a daily basis, my blog is updated to showcase videos and photographs, written narratives and experiences. It’s important that it’s always available because any single person can be on my website at any given time anywhere in the world…

I used to have Wordpress for several years. It was the only thing I knew when it came to updating my site on the backend, but over the last 10 months, I’ve made that transition from Wordpress to Perch with the help of Made by Kingfisher. Here’s my story and experience.

The Situation

I told MBK what I wanted as a backed user for my blog. I was looking to spend less time physically putting together the post, have more creative freedom with my visual layouts and be able to add descriptions, details and tags to make everything user-friendly and searchable.

Based off of my needs, Made by Kingfisher put together a backend layout for me on Wordpress and Perch. I played a bit on both and found myself very much comfortable on Perch (more so than I ever was on Wordpress).

Visual Control

Wordpress allows you to have all the visual control when you’re designing the site initially. Based off of my conversations with MBK, they were able to create just about anything I wanted on either platforms. One thing I realized very quickly was that after the site was launched, I wanted to be in control and I have very little coding experience. With that in mind, Made by Kingfisher suggested I use Perch since it will allow me to change the visuals easily with just a few clicks and drags.

Content Organization

Since my blog is updated almost daily with an assortment of content, I need to make sure that I am organizing it all regularly so the posts are relevant. Perch allows me to categorize, sub-categorize and add descriptions and tags that not only places posts in the relevant “folders” for readers to find, but also ticks off what I need to do for SEO too.


Speaking of SEO, that is one thing I neglected when I first started blogging and continued to neglect for years. It is consuming and overwhelming, but when I realized Chirp was an application that was available for a reasonable rate, it made the decision to choose Perch pretty easy.

Chirp is a tool applied to your Perch CMS that allows you to easily tailor your content to meet your SEO needs. I just search a keyword that people would use to find a specific post I’m working on, write my blog post with those keywords in mind and then let Chirp guide me to finish the rest! It helps me draft descriptions, set up tags and put together quality titles that are SEO friendly.

PS - Read Made By Kingfisher's SEO tips for 2018.

User Interface

Wordpress always bogged me down, and even after using it for a few years, I still couldn’t grasp the backend of my site. I couldn’t find anything and often found myself overwhelmed with updating widgets. The admin UI with Perch is so crisp, clean and easy. Made by Kingfisher set it up so that only the things I needed were there and they have access to control the rest!

So that's exactly why I chose Perch over being loyal to Wordpress for years. Your website doesn't have to be content heavy, but if you like to have some control over how your work is presented, it's the best and easiest way to go! You can find more about our web design, SEO, and digital strategy services.