CLS Money are an award winning, whole of market UK mortgage broker.

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CLS focus on finding the perfect mortgage, no matter your credit score. They are passionate about getting you into your dream home and ensuring that you keep it. As an award winning mortgage broker CLS are experts in providing and advising customers on the right mortgage for every individual customer.


The Brief

CLS Money required a redesign that allowed for a more expansive and fluid design that expressed the brand in a better, more cohesive way. The brief was very detailed, with a clear strategy of utilising whitespace and desaturated imagery alongside the colourful brand palette to create a harmonious design.

We Are 4C Mobile Homepage
We Are 4C Mobile Homepage
We Are 4C Mobile Homepage

The Outcome

We worked closely with the team to develop a design that expressed the brand's personality and attitude. We had a clear vision for what would work with the design requirements, deciding to utilise hero images with lots of whitespace for brand expression and impact. We wanted to give the site breathing space with it's sectional based layout, so we featured sections with lots of whitespace between engaging imagery to keep the site clean and easy to use.

"Loving our new website designed by the fantastic @ByKingfisher - would 100% recommend to anyone thinking of redesigning or launching a new site!"

Marketing Team - CLS Money

Project Features

Fluid Design

The design allows for fluid architecture and easy management, to allow for page growth..


We increased the website performance to 80 according to PageSpeed Insights. We'd like to improve the score further but the website depends on many third party scripts and providers which lowers the score.

Content Migration

We migrated the site to maintain ranking position. The site successfully migrated, with no warnings or errors from Google Search Console.