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Ryan Gittings - Made By Kingfisher Director

Leominster Web Design.

Made By Kingfisher are located in the heart of Herefordshire, well located to accommodate the professional needs of Leominster and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on gaining the identity of a reputable Herefordshire web design agency. With over half a decade of experience working with national and Herefordshire based brands, we are more than equipped to be involved in your next project.

An all-round web design agency.

Why should Made By Kingfisher be your choice? Made By Kingfisher have knowledge of both the digital and commercial industry of Herefordshire and in particular Leominster. Although we provide digital products on a national scale, we preserve our Herefordshire roots, connecting to local Herefordshire brands. We have unrivalled methods, proven through our successful track record our long-term results and our impressive customer satisfaction rate.

We are proud of the Herefordshire brands that we have already teamed up with. We are proud to have worked with respected local brands of Leominster like Maycott Berry, up to the large commercial brand of Pontrilas Merchants. We would be proud to represent businesses of all sizes from Leominster and Hereford in the digital industry.


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